Upgrade to K5II or IIs or wait for the next model?

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Re: Upgrade to K5II or IIs or wait for the next model?

miles500 wrote:

Yesteday I visited a wildfowl reserve and was a little depressed at the proportion of poorly focussed images even though I was using spot and continuous focus with a monopod and taking some care.   I realise that the focus point may well be somewhat larger than the red spot would suggest and maybe that is the cause. As for birds in flight - well one in ten was reasonably close to focus but not spot on. On the other hand where the focus does lock on properly on less mobile subjects, I do get sharp images, so I am not worried about the lens/camera calibration.

Hi Miles,

I do birding with K-5 and Sigma 500/4.5 or FA*300/4.5 (Plus 1.4x TC sometimes). Regardless of some  posts in favore I found AF.C not working for me. It doesn't track well and then gives me uncontrolled mirror flops.

I always shoot:

  • handheld (not necessarily the best advice, though)
  • Continuous mode (7fps machine gun as I call it)
  • SR on
  • Central focus point
  • central metering (always keeping an eye on EV-compensation)
  • Av-priority or TAv depending on conditions (BIF shots may require TAv, but need EV compensation to be taken care of)
  • Shutter speed preferably 1/1000 or higher
  • ISO up to 800

Yes, I do clean some junk after every shooting session, however, I noticed that my friends with 7D and D7000 do not have visible advantage over my shots (tracking is noticeably better, though)

To make it short, I use what I have, waiting for the new APS-C flagship.

BTW: There is a report from MightyMike that IIs AF performance with long tele is worth than on K-5.

Terns a very fast birds:

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