Mirrorless Takes Another Hammering

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Re: That is what you get when you do not do yoru research

vzlnc wrote:

Ed B wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

You have a problem discussing the state of the camera industry?  Perhaps you should move to a gardening forum then.

FYI, I shoot mirrorless primarily.

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9 years of Fujifilm camera usage, ended by rampant fanboyism.

I don't have problems discussing anything but would much rather discuss corporate problems with a person who is well informed.

The financial problems at Olympus corp. has very little to do with the success or failure of their mirrorless cameras.

The company has been mismanaged and some very bad investments decisions have caused the company to fall on hard times.

Olympus manufactures and sells industrial scanners, flaw detectors, probes and transducers, thickness gauges, digital cameras, image analysis software, industrial video-scopes, fiber scope light sources, XRF and XRD analyzers, and high-speed video cameras.

All of these products are, in one way or another, part of their imaging division.

Like Canon and Nikon, their inexpensive point & shoot cameras are not selling well but I can find no indication that their mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras are a money loosing proposition.

You need to read this thread again.

Mirrorless isn't going away. Currently, it may not be as popular as the conventional DSLR segment but it is gaining in popularity whether you want to admit it or not.

Not sure what part I should read again but here is the truth:


Money that's being lost is mostly coming from the decreased sales/popularity of inexpensive point & shoot type cameras. Every manufacturer, including Canon and Nikon, is having similar problems.

The mirrorless camera market isn't the problem and the OP or the blogs he's reading are misleading.

Edit: I will say that Olympus and Panasonic are fighting an uphill battle, not because of their mirrorless design but, because of their four thirds format and because, until recently, they've had a problem with noise at higher ISOs.

Olympus seems to have solved many of the issues with their new processor (sensor?) and they've also made huge strides in the fast focus department.

If Olympus can get their corporate ducks in a row they're poised to be one of the biggest success stories in modern camera history.

Their newest camera has already been praised for being the best mirrorless made and a camera that competes well with any APS-C DSLR camera. (See dpreview's evaluation).

I don't own an Olympus but disagree with much of what rattymouse preaches.

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