Zeiss Touit or Fuji X decision

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Re: Zeiss Touit or Fuji X decision

dark13star wrote:

What kind of shooter?  Young or old?  I don't see an explanation of what is different between the cameras in this thread, other than styling.  I've not bothered to look at Fuji, so I think someone coming fresh to look at this thread might be similarly confused.

I don't think age necessarily matters, but those of us who grew up with manual SLRs may be biased towards the manual controls.

I like that I can set most of the exposure on the Fuji without looking at a screen. Shutter and aperture are right there. ISO is not, however and I can see how it would be difficult with the number of increments available these days. BTW, you can adjust more shutter choices on the screen between the increments on the dial, but I haven't used that much. Exposure compensation is right there too and readable without looking at a screen. Again, these are things I like. I'm not trashing Sony.

One technical bit that I am finding much better on Fuji over my Nex cameras (perhaps it's better in the Nex-6) is the multi-metering. I use that exposure compensation far less on the Fuji. With my Nex-7, I probably had to adjust it at least 50% of the time.

I think that those of us doing computer work may be ok with the electronic age approach of modern interfaces.

I still favor compactness over lots of wards sticking out, even if they do give meaningful feedback. Working with the Nex, I 'trained' myself to pay attention to aperture, ISO, shutter speed, EV, prior to each shot, it then becomes second nature.

But everyone has their own preferences. I prefer the Nex camera design (sleekness, cleanliness, compactness, better pricing), and am not drawn to legacy design look

Also, Fuji is carving out its own niche, but I don't see a good price/performance trade-off yet. Let's see how used camera prices hold up, or not.

As to IQ, I find the Nex-6 the most satisfying, since I hardly ever have a background focus problem. Both the Fuji and the Nex-7 have a b***y AF system in comparison. It works, but you have to baby it.

And then there is resolution, the Nex-7 is 'above' the Nex-6, but I seldom need the extra pixels. 16Mp, whether Bayer (Nex-6), X-trans (Fuji), Higher-resolution-Bayer (Nex-7), or Foveon (Fuji-patent), seems sufficient for general print size, and surely for monitor results. It then comes back to composition, exposure, subject and post-edit workflow.

I sometimes would like a stop faster - for many reasons - which keeps the FF-mirrorless alive in my mind. Certain RX-1 images can just not be matched with APS-C sensors.

Now, and this is a Nex-7 feature only, that I have not read much about here: the Display mode (Camera > DISP Button) has two modes that are not present on the other Nex cameras:

1. Live View Priority

2. For Viewfinder

In Live View Priority mode, the LCD viewing screen is very clean, removed from all clutter, with the essential information shown in the side bar (battery, image-count, Mode, Shutter, Aperture, EV, ISO).

In For Viewfinder mode, all settings are displayed, similar to the little LCD screens on DSLR cameras. It also shows the assignment of the buttons.

In both modes, the EVF is not affected, when you move your eye to the EVF, you see the normal information in the top and bottom lines.

Either of these two modes are, imho, far preferred over lots of knobs and wards that stick out from the camera, and catch dust or scrape against objects.

Lastly, adjusting any parameter while viewing either screen is a snap - most are also directly accessible, and some indirectly (e.g. Fn button) - there is no need for menu diving.

I would like to see these modes on all Nex cameras - why only keep it for Nex-7. Ahh, those Sony marketeers ....

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