Olympus financial results for 2012 fiscal year

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and Olympus global market share

Another fact revealed in the presentation is that Olympus shipped 590,000 mirrorless ILC cameras in fiscal year 2013 (April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013).

CIPA provides the mirrorless ILC shipments for the entire industry (excluding the tiny ILC businesses of Samsung and Leica) over the same period: 3,820,000 units.

From that, it's easy to derive Olympus's global mirrorless ILC market share over a one-year period ending March 31, 2013: 15.4%

One note: these are shipments, not retail sales, so they are not an exact proxy for retail market share, but the two track pretty closely on an industry-wide basis over a period as long as a year.

In their presentation, Olympus said that a market research firm in Japan has determined that Olympus's mirrorless ILC retail market share in Japan is about 30% -- so, noting my caveats above plus the caveat that it's only one research report, indications are that Olympus's mirrorless business is doing substantially better in Japan than in the rest of the world. Were I an executive at Olympus, I'd be very interested in the "why" of that; it's both a problem and an opportunity.

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