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Bob Tullis wrote:

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Bob Tullis wrote:

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Mo50 wrote:

On paper, shutter shock looks like a major defect. How are you dealing with it? How does it affect the way you shoot and what you shoot?

Like many people already said - it shouldn't hurt you much and there are walkarounds. So I think the majority of people consider this as a non-issue - and I can agree with them. But, and a big but is - when you pair a $1000 camera with a $1000+ lens, like in a case with EM5 + 12-35 f2.8 combo, just to discover a shutter shock phenomenon - and we have such reports here - then it becomes a major defect and a serious problem.

In my experience technique accounts for more errors than shutter shock when the 1/8s delay is utilized.    Take  note how many raise s.shock as a reason for switching from the OM-D to another body, and all the complaints of completely ruined sessions . ..

of course, but the more money you pay the less technical issues you expect. Money can't do a thing on our creative side but should help on that part, like .

One can make of this some dramatic issue, but in practice it's not that at all.

just like (the lack of) IBIS or weather sealing, in some other cam, and there are walkarounds also.

The thing is - shutter shock shouldn't have been a problem in the first place and imho companies (Oly and Panny) totally underestimated this issue. If we continue to keep saying this is no-issue, they will do nothing to fix it. Just like with the famous Fuji's orbs, it was no issue - until critical mass was reached.

Really?   We're waiting for technology to provide the answer (a reliable electronic shutter made affordable for the mass market).   I don't believe crying "Wolf!" will have any effect on when that will come to pass.


Of course is possible to design a cam around the shutter without this problem, otherwise all the other (mirrorless) cameras would suffer from the same issue. I hope they have solved it with the E-P5 shutter.

For some this is an issue and for some non issue, I can understand that, but why would we encourage them to do nothing to fix it by saying that there are walkarounds and everything is fine. It's nor fine and they should fix it without delay, with the current technology. You can disagree but you would benefit from it also.

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