Aperture prints - highlights show up in red, yellow or black

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Re: Aperture prints - highlights show up in red, yellow or black

My understanding is that RAW file doesn't print. What you are printing is a 'visual' interpretation of RAW file, being TIFF or JPG or PSD and so on. Even that 'visual' file is yet again interpreted by your monitor colour profile. Assuming you view your image on a calibrated monitor, the printer -yet again- interprets what you are seeing through its own colour profile for the specific type of paper you use.

So there are several areas to look at. Since you are satisfied with LR prints, the prime suspect would be the RAW conversion of Mac OS for your specific camera which might need fine-tuning in Aperture. LR seems to have a better conversion via ACR for you. Still, the difference between the two should be perceptible on your monitor I think. Have you tried to view your image through proofing profile of your printer? This might accentuate the RAW conversion differences between Aperture and Lightroom.

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