It's time to shop...which lens SEL24f18, SEL35f18 or Touit 32f18?

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Re: It's time to shop...which lens SEL24f18, SEL35f18 or Touit 32f18?

Someone posted links to various lens reviews recently, I am trying to find the links but I did copy the MTF charts for my own use. The gist is the SEL24 has great center sharpness but pretty bad edge and corners at all f stops.

I have owned the Sigma 30mm for almost a year. It is really sharp even at the edges and it is the most used lens I have. The MTF charts show this but I the proof is in the images. The 19mm is even sharper and I have been printing 16x24 landscapes from that lens. Both of those are my landscape/street lenses. I paid full retail of $199 when they came out, and at half that price if you can still get them, it's almost free glass.

That said, I picked up the SEL35 last week. It is also pretty damn sharp and DXOmark reviewed this recently. The reason I got it was to "replace" the SEL50, which although a decent lens I plan on keeping, it is too long for my indoor usage. For indoors, the 1.8 and OSS get lots of use. The only downside for me is the long (1 ft) minimum focusing distance.

I will continue to use both the S30 and SEL35 and pass on the Zeiss 32. I will be looking at the Touit 12mm though.

(The MTF charts are handy for determining best aperture assuming you are not going after DOF. I was used to shooting f/8-f/10 for my Canon lenses; the above lenses on my NEX-7 do better a bit wider than that.)

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