It's time to shop...which lens SEL24f18, SEL35f18 or Touit 32f18?

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Re: It's time to shop...which lens SEL24f18, SEL35f18 or Touit 32f18?

Just adding that Zeiss does not support OSS.

My understanding is that is because OSS gets inserted at the narrowest point of the lightpath through the lens. This is also the most critical point in lens design and constraining the design or adding an extra element is likely to degrade the ultimate quality of the lens.

To Zeiss' credit, other than for video stabilization and for a more stable viewfinder view, OSS is hardly needed on a wide(r) FL lens.

If OSS is saving your bacon, it is because of poor conditions, that are selsom meaningful for pro-shots. Remember that a longer shutter time sounds great, but every subject movement now blurs the image.

You are often better of by bumping the ISO and thereby increasing the shutter speed. At the extreme, a grainy but sharp image is preferred over a smooth but fuzzy picture.

Now, for longer FL, shutter speeds need to be higher to begin with, and you'll notice more benefits from OSS.

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