Wet leaves on a rainy day. (3jpg)

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Re: Wet leaves on a rainy day. (3jpg)

What's to learn ?

I agree with the leaves being larger and filling more of the frame.  This might be the same for dry leaves and degree of filling varies by what the photographer is up to, I guess.?  Detail would be easier to see if they were tighter.

Using a P&S camera can be a good tip.  The APS-C has a little more DOF to offer; the aperture used was pretty moderate. I figure she wants to use the Pentax.

A thing that can help, I think, is to look carefully at the axis of the leaf and where you would want focus to fall.  Just the same with anything, if the subject runs from side to side in front of the camera, more will be in focus than if it runs away from the camera.

With leaves, I figure holding the camera level is not such a worry.. as long as there is nothing that makes orientation look weird.  No bit of horizon or grass or branch (Picture 2) or etc.  So turning the camera some way or other can help put focus on the right spot.

As far as hot spots or bright reflections, I have wondered if white paper or tissue could help.  I haven't tried it outdoors, but I think it could help if you have a hand free to use paper/tissue as a dodge.  I took a picture of a slimy slug.  I like the picture but it is quite hot in spots.  Later, I thought the tissue might help but it hadn't occurred to me at the time.

Since I am not a leaf and slug hunter, I haven't tried it myself...  Just a thought to try.  Maybe a white umbrella could be easier to manage than paper.  Who knows.  Are these good recommendations for learning ?

RedFox88 wrote:

For wet leaves, you really have to get in closers and get ontop of them.  Shooting at this angle does not make for anything special.  And a P&S camera often does better for more DOF and the ability to get it real close again with that more DOF to get everthing in focus.  The major reflection in the last one is one that would have me delete it and learn from it.

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