It's time to shop...which lens SEL24f18, SEL35f18 or Touit 32f18?

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Re: It's time to shop...which lens SEL24f18, SEL35f18 or Touit 32f18?

Pjjava34 wrote:

Rereading the Post I'm curious as to why you would put the Touit in that order even though you think it will perform better optically?
Just to be certain Zeiss glass does not have any optical stabilization built-in correct?

Other may confirm this - the E35 is the most versatile lens (fast, sharp, OOS), but it also has the most limiting FOV. It is a great lens for when you have space to move around, but indoors, in social settings, when taking pictures of people in a hurry, the 35mm is not the best - you will want wider than that.

Even so, I place the E35 first - if you have no fast AF primes, then this is a very good baseline prime.

(Note - you get the same in the E50, but the FOV is even more limiting, making this lens even less practical).

If you weight the social and indoors aspect, the balance slides to the fastest & widest lens, which is the E24Z. This 35mm FF equivalent view has grown a lot of popularity over the years, (check e.g. the X100 and RX-1), as it is a very good FOV in crowded areas (think Asia), gives a reasonable overview in wider areas (e.g. a park), and works very well for group and food pics.

So, I place the E24Z second - mainly because of the FOV that it provides.

The Touit with 32mm comes very close to the Sigma 30mm. (It sits about halfway between the Sigma and the E35). This makes it a reasonable 'compromise' lens, but I have found the Sigma 30mm often being too limiting indoors as well. This would mean that the (narrower) Touit also does not give sufficient FOV.

Another discussion which I did not bring up is the subject isolation, background defocus, or bokeh. This is easiest achieved on a longer FL, and the E35 does best here. The touit Planar design should help here (compared to other design styles). Anyways, a longer FL lets you be more creative, so the E35 scores more in this respect.

I would handle the Touit32 similar to how I would use the E35, and that is with FOV limits. The E24Z has fewer of those limits. Hence I place the Touit third.

In short:

E35 - wins, because of OSS. Often a minor attribute, but for video, and certain low light shots, a plus.

E24Z - second, because of the wider FOV.

T32 - third, because it loses the main benefit of the E35, with the narrower FOV.

S30 - fourth,, because it is a stop slower, which also impacts subject isolation and creativeness.

Mind you, I still occasionally use the CV 35/1.4 Nokton and a Olympus OM 50/1.4 which achieve subject isolation that nether the E35 or E50 can match. I have also found renewed joy in using the Contax-G 45/2.0, since it is a Planar design, with a longer FL, as it gives more subject isolation than the CG 35/2.0 Biogon design.

I also have the Zeiss 35/2.0 in M mount, which has harsher bokeh, alike the Sigma 30, but it super-sharp  at all apertures. This is also a Biogon design, ie. a newer version of the CG35.

With people, super sharpness is less critical than subject isolation. If you shoot nature or architecture, you may want the inverse - sharpness over bokeh - and you also may not want to shoot wide open (narrow DOF).

Given all these considerations, I still view the E35 as the most 'allround' lens, and the Touit 32 merely an 'improved' ZM35. It may do better than anticipated - the closest lens to compare it with is the Contax-G 45/2.0 and the Tooit lens, at 32mm, should be a stellar design, and likely a 'pros-must-have' lens.

Pricing wise, the E35 is a no-brainer.

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