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Peter Jonas wrote:

ZorSy wrote:

Now with D7100, it appears they just don't want to supply them until they get rid of D7K.

Sounds like a reasonable business approach: Let's sell the old stock before we start selling the new ones.

Are you in the process of upgrading from the D80? You must have been using that for a few years now. A few weeks should really not make a huge difference. .

So Nikon Australia, shame on you.

As I have said, not really. I am sure if you were in the business of selling cameras you would likely to do the same. And by the way, in this instance, I totally agree with you trying to buy Australian stock. Don't dispair, you will be able to get your camera soon.

Thanks Peter,

in couple of weeks we are setting off to Europe holiday - so it's not really that I have that time. I had been holding off from upgrading till now: it's an old camera with the shutter at its end of rated life. Being a different and new, I should familiarise myself with D7100 beforehand and put it through the paces first. No worries, will find one just in time.... feel much better when I vent   but it sucks when the street price is 30-40% more than MSRP...and I'm the sucker paying it.

Better be good once found...

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