Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Inkjet printer any good?

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Re: Just got mine yesterday

Travis wrote:

Bruce Edwards wrote:

Smart!  Every few years I can get away with the ol' "but honey, it's cheaper to buy a NEWer, BETTER printer than to replace all the ink tanks!" argument, but given the size of this monster, if I tried to use that (admittedly sound) argument, my as(s) would be toast. 

LOL, touché.  In this particular case, I had no problem convincing my wife that it was smarter to buy a second printer than having to spend another $120 for a new set of ink cartridges.  I was smart enough to read the fine print on the mail-in rebate though... it's only good "one per household" so I made sure to use a different address and credit card for the second printer.  

The print is gorgeous, by the way.  I am looking at it from across the room and it just oozes with professionalism.  <big grin>


If you bought one from and one from B&H then you don't need to worry about "one per household" because they are different promotions.  Look at the rebate forms.  The Atlex one is a general rebate and the B&H is specifically for B&H and is a different promotion number.

You can send in the rebate from Atlex and B&H with the same info and you're OK because they are different promotions.

I, too, bought two of them since for $89, it's worth the price of ink and paper!

I wouldn't be surprised to start seeing CIS systems for this printer soon.  That would be sweet!

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