6d too much detail

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Re: 6d too much detail

GHwell wrote:

after comparing the close ups of my wedding couple  the old 5d gives a better smoother skin than the 6d.   The 6d has too much detail showing every fine hair on the womans face.   I am sure that is not going to please her.   Male skin looked very rough and the skin pores were hugh.

Are you downsizing the images before printing them?  If you are using the "nearest neighbor" method, stop right here; it is garbage for general use, and is only useful for certain purposes if you truly understand what it does and know what you are doing.  "Nearest neighbor" increases sharp artifacts and noise.  Something like "bicubic smoother" might be better for what you are doing.

If you are feeding the full image to a print driver, it also may be using nearest neighbor.  If you can figure out how it or the program downsamples the image first, you might be better off making it that resolution with "bicubic smoother", yourself.

You could turn off sharpening in the converter stage as well, or in-camera with a custom function for portraits, if you're shooting JPEG or your converter honors the in-camera settings.

More diffuse lighting may help, too, so the facial features do not cast shadows.

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