why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: why not f/1.2 by Sony?

ilza wrote:

The photons need to follow a path through the sensor, past wires (DSLR sensors are not BSI)  before they can be counted at the photodiode, and that path is sensitive to angle of incidence, more on some sensors that on others. Quantum efficiency is not a single number; it is dependent of the angle the light strikes the sensor/microlens system.

Shadows of the wires will be longer with oblique illumination indeed.  But since wires (as visible from the sensels) form a rectangular skyscraper landscape, would not this rectangularity be visible on the shape of bokeh?  (When everything settles down, bokeh is, AFAIU, only “the shadow of the entry pupil” on the sensor.  So everything which effectively affects the entry pupil should be visible on bokeh)

Until this relation with bokeh is clarified, I like my microlenses conjecture better.

I think Tomtom simply meant the circuitry (wires) in the sensor itself would block light if the angle of the light is too oblique.  This has nothing to do with the subject matter.  As for bokeh, as was mentioned before, if this effect of blocking steep angles is consistent, then it will affect bokeh.  Microlenses could help mitigate the effect if they were offset.  This might make things worse for long tele lenses, I would think.

Maybe if they make larger sensors with backside illumination (as mentioned earlier), it will help with wider apertures.  I think they'll do that eventually, but there's probably not a strong need for it, particularly with consumers not understanding the need -- or rather, few consumers that even would see benefit.  (Probably about .01% of Nex users.   )  Maybe Fuji fans can convince Fuji to go BSI.

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