Zeiss Touit or Fuji X decision

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Re: Zeiss Touit or Fuji X decision

Gary H wrote:

I've a NEX-6, NEX-7, X100, X100s and probably 10-12 Zeiss lenses in various mounts, including E-Mount.

I agree that the lenses are the key to a system, but picking a company that backs-up their product and has decision makers that are photographers is also very important.  Sony is a technology company.  In my experience, they are not particularly good at listening to what users want, nor quick to rectify product shortcomings.

As someone who has frequented the Sony forums before the Nex, it seems to me that Sony tends to reserve firmware updates for actual bugs and fixes not for product upgrades.  With the arrival of the Nex, they actually listened to their users and did a significant upgrade.  With the Nex-6, they added a mode dial and most of the newer cameras have additional function buttons that are not there in earlier cameras.  It seems to me that compared to their more stable platforms, they've given a lot of attention and adjustments to the Nex system.  They also kick out new models much more frequently than most other companies.

So, what specific shortcomings are they refusing to address that users are clamoring for?

I'm a film photographer and I'm really impressed that just a few years ago Fujifilm was introducing a new film camera.  That certainly wasn't a good move for the bottom line, but within management are photo-enthusiast. The X line of cameras shows a real interest in supporting photo-enthusiast with a traditional bent.  Also, Fuji has been relatively quick to make changes, update firmware and generally work to make their line of cameras do what their customers want.

Their customers but not all customers?

If I wanted to have a happy future with in-camera apps, I would go Sony.  I'm sure they will have an app for just about anything that the guy down the street wants to do.

Yes, "that guy". That guy who's not a REAL photographer?

The apps have a lot of potential, and a lot of uses.  For some people just one app might be invaluable, like having a built-in intervalometer.  Also, if Sony comes up with a new feature or unique concept that is implemented as an app, you can get it on your older camera rather than having to upgrade the hardware; this will allow them to make more updates without their usual concern about upgrading the firmware.  (Earlier, you were concerned about the ease of making changes...)

They started their NEX adventure with horrible glass and now they play catch-up.

The CZ24 has been out a long time.  Most of the primes have turned out to be good.  What horrible glass do you mean?  The 18-55 and the 16mm?  I wouldn't call them horrible, and they are very affordable.

If you really wanted to complain about Sony, you could even argue that they're not playing catch up with the release of the other pancake lenses.  Well, they're catching up to the m43 in size, I suppose.

Fuji has for many years produced optics rivaling the best in photo and the realm of cinema/video.   I think that I just convinced myself to buy some Fuji stock... take care.

Yikes... I forgot that this is a Sony forum...

Where "those people" are that like apps.

Why beat up Sony for wanting to support a wider audience?  It's as if those who consider themselves expert photographers think that more average users don't deserve a good camera.

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