Zeiss Touit or Fuji X decision

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Re: Zeiss Touit or Fuji X decision

dark13star wrote:

This thread has some legs and I am a bit hesitant to keep it going, given that it is a Sony forum, but given that these threads show up in searches, I do think it is a constructive thread and can help others.

I would agree that the Nex is the best platform for legacy lenses, and while I do have some of those lenses, I'm looking for a modern platform with quality lenses and bodies. I've really enjoyed the Zeiss 24/Nex-7 combo, but there is nothing else getting me very excited now. The new Touit lenses are available for both platforms, but so far, I prefer the results of the Fuji lenses.

It's more than just one lens, it's an entire system you are buying into.  If you prefer the design and goals of the system, then go for it.  Sony seems like a better bang-for-the-buck, which is probably the biggest reason I will stick to its system, but I also like their designs.

As for the controls, I think a lot of younger shooters will prefer Sony. That is not a criticism, it is market segmentation. I already enjoy the controls on my Fuji body better. Getting good photos is obviously important, but the act of getting them is all the fun and I like the Fuji controls right now.

To make this post relevant for those who find it. Ask yourself what kind of shooter you are and try both.

What kind of shooter?  Young or old?  I don't see an explanation of what is different between the cameras in this thread, other than styling.  I've not bothered to look at Fuji, so I think someone coming fresh to look at this thread might be similarly confused.

When I used film, there were few controls.  Usually, it was ISO.  Maybe you dialed focus.  (We didn't have any SLRs when I grew up!)

If you don't mean that old, Sony brought back the mode dial to the top of the Nex-6.  This goes a long way towards matching more traditional digital cameras.  Some people never got used to the Nex interface.  I like the rotating dial on the back, but having to press a button to get to the mode selection is an extra button press over having a dial (for Nexes other than the 6, and for most other digital cameras).

I bought the Nex before there was anything to compare it to, and I don't regret it. It broke me of my DSLR habit. I'm just hooked on Fuji shooting now. It's like the Leica I can afford.

I don't think getting something based on "feel" is invalid.  For many things, I think it is part of the experience.  Some people just want a car to go from A to B, but some cars are more fun in doing so (and not necessarily super expensive).

Best to all

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