Zeiss Touit or Fuji X decision

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Re: Zeiss Touit or Fuji X decision

Gary H wrote:

I've a NEX-6, NEX-7, X100, X100s and probably 10-12 Zeiss lenses in various mounts, including E-Mount.

I agree that the lenses are the key to a system, but picking a company that backs-up their product and has decision makers that are photographers is also very important.  Sony is a technology company.  In my experience, they are not particularly good at listening to what users want, nor quick to rectify product shortcomings.  I'm a film photographer and I'm really impressed that just a few years ago Fujifilm was introducing a new film camera.  That certainly wasn't a good move for the bottom line, but within management are photo-enthusiast. The X line of cameras shows a real interest in supporting photo-enthusiast with a traditional bent.  Also, Fuji has been relatively quick to make changes, update firmware and generally work to make their line of cameras do what their customers want.  If I wanted to have a happy future with in-camera apps, I would go Sony.  I'm sure they will have an app for just about anything that the guy down the street wants to do.  They started their NEX adventure with horrible glass and now they play catch-up.  Fuji has for many years produced optics rivaling the best in photo and the realm of cinema/video.   I think that I just convinced myself to buy some Fuji stock... take care.

Yikes... I forgot that this is a Sony forum...

Concerning a previous post. How do you know that both companies are upgrading their systems? The only rumor out is a Sony NEX 7N and that is a question mark. Can you explain?

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