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cplunk wrote:

I've used Picasa a large amount (from google) but, it's not really much for editing, or even doing a great job at conversion. But it will support RAW on your cameras and is great for sorting, indexing, searching, etc. (could use a little improvement allowing you to search by location on the map).

I've tried several demos of lightroom trying to like it. I'm almost willing to take the time to learn now, almost. Very little on it is immediately intuitive to me.

I've tried DXO. It was more intuitive, and I was getting to like it a bit.  Then I bought an A99, and when ready to buy DXO found I had to buy a more expensive version because I had a different camera. That kinda impressed me the wrong way, and I could see any difference in features, just more expensive cause I now had a full frame camera. So, I passed, saw lightroom had a "beta" for free and decided to keep trying to like it.

IDC (from Sony) works. It pretty immediately intuitive. Doesn't have all the features lightroom or DXO have. It can adjust exposure, white balance, color saturation and remove some noise. Combined with Picasa, isn't terribly difficult to live with.

I've been interested in better solutions also, and considering trying paintshop pro also.

I found Lightroom very unintuitive and the whole importing thing!! Arrggh! I use Bridge to view, grade and select and Adobe Camera Raw (Photoshop) to open and do basic PP for RAW - single or batch. Only thing is Bridge really slows if a folder has any more than 1Gb of images - thus you need to organise your files for this.

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