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Re: Total waste of time

Setter Dog wrote:

vaughanB wrote:

Whats the point ?, shoot JPEG and be done with it, lifes too short, RAW is for sad nerds with too much time on their hands

Don't know if your comment is tongue in cheek or not. I agree,.....for me PERSONALLY, but if others enjoy that  RAW process, more power to 'em. There are lots of photographers that think we're nuts for the expensive cameras we use when you can get a picture from much cheaper cameras. It's all about what you enjoy.


Usually I shoot in Raw as there is much more latitude with recovering highlights etc but especially with fixing the white balance (My 50D seems a bit erratic with this my 5Dc not). It is a bit much asking the camera to do all the PP in a split second and to be totally happy with it. I recently shot a job in RAW + jpg as I knew it would be  quick turnaround. I whizzed through the jpgs in Adobe Bridge selecting the files to Post Process. For one image in particular I needed to go to the RAW file to fix the blown highlight. So it works well this way using Raw as a backup. I processed the files and sent them off an deleted the RAW files. There is also pleasure in shooting RAW and developing in Photoshop. Life may be short but what's the rush?

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