Most expensive 1.4x TC ever.

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Re: Most expensive 1.4x TC ever.

Yxa wrote:

Wyville wrote:

It's really not that simple. The Canon is an overall much higher quality lens targetted at a smaller market. Especially in lenses getting a few % extra performance requires an exponential investment in its development and thus eventual price. Leica's lenses are the perfect example of that. Leica uses extremely expensive glass and I would bet Canon uses a much higher grade glass than Sigma. Sigma also has a reputation for much higher sample variation and they reverse engineer the AF, which has some risks too.

That doesn't make the Sigma a "bad" lens, it's a great lens and I would certainly consider a 300/2.8 prime from Sigma if they made a new one, but the Canon is superior in every single aspect.

I'm waiting for that lens

It could be a great alternative for the Canon 300/2.8 II. The USB-dock is a game-changer for Sigma as it provides not just a lot of customization, but with easy firmware updates the AF is likely to be optimizable for new bodies. That makes it a lot easier for Sigma lenses to become a long-term investment similar to Canon's lenses.

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