Which would you choose? 85mm 1.4g or 135mm f2 DC?

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Re: Which would you choose? 85mm 1.4g or 135mm f2 DC?

teknos wrote:

hey all, thought i would get some opinions.

im a hobbyist photog, i do alot of travel photography/street portraits, i am looking at buying another lens for portraits for the d800, either the 135mm or 85m 1.4g. which would you prefer and why? im considering buying the 135 then saving abit and getting the cheaper 85mm 1.8g.

is the 1.4g really worth the extra coin?

other lenses i already have,- samyang 14mm, sigma 35mm nikon 50mm 1.4d

I bought a Nikon 135 f2 DC a few weeks ago and love it plus its very sharp at f2, I also have the 85 f1.4D which again is very sharp from f1.4, I tried both the 85 f1.8 and 1.4G lenses prior to getting the 1.4D and although they were both very sharp with excellent colours but I found that they were both a little too clinical in the images they produced, the 85 1.4D and the 135 f2 produce images with a more natural look to them, wide open they have slightly less contrast which gives you more room to work during PP.

If I were photographing say birds or similar then I'd go with the newer G lenses but for people shots I'd go with the D version.

as to which you should get first I'd say the 85mm and later add the 135mm, if you buy them used you could get both for the price of either new, I bought my 85 1.4D in boxed as new condition for less than the price of the 85 1.8G, the 135mm I ended up buying new as they rarely appear on the used market and when they do they often sell for close to the new price.

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