Which is better? FZ200 - SX50

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Re: There is or there should be no war...

wacka2007 wrote:

Augustin Man wrote:

I think the DPR forums are the best I ever knew, mainly because they are structured around the type of cameras. Everyone agrees there isn't a PERFECT camera, so the forum members are choosing the camera that fits the best their SUBJECTIVE likes, needs or expenses.

Thus I can't understand the many threads started here about the FZ200 comparison, i.e. how good the FZ is and how bad the SX50 is or vice versa ! What's the purpose to compare apples with oranges? If we are talking about ZOOM, SX50 is the best camera by far and that's final. If we are not very interested in zoom, but in fast lens, constant aperture across the range, FZ200 is the best.

Then, again, what's this never ending "comparison"? It's envy, or what? I didn't check it, but are in the Panasonic forum also so many threads with SX50 "comparison"?

Happy shooting everyone with all cameras, because neither is "the best",


P.S. ... but the photographers are !

It is INTERESTING that people keep coming to the canon forums to try to convince us that the sx50 is inferior , but i dont see ANY canon users going to the panasonic forums to talk about the 200 , why is that ?

Because we are all happy with our cameras and maybe some of them are NOT entirely  with theirs.


What do you think ?:-)

I think you hit the nail on the head!

All the best,


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