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Yep.. I've seen that a number of times before

Great.  I'm glad that solved it for you

I see that from time to time with laptops (for whatever reason, they don't get a good enough memory snapshot saved to disk, or a good enough image stored in memory when using hibernate or sleep -- probably because the battery was already too exhausted or something else like a bug in a driver or program that was running corrupted memory at the time it went into that mode).

You see the same kind of thing with phones and other computing related devices, too.

IOW, when all else fails and you see the symptoms you described, just press and hold down the power button until the device (laptop, smart phone, etc.) shuts down (versus just pressing and releasing the power button which just puts it back into the same failed hibernate or sleep mode again).

Then, you will usually see a full shutdown and it will boot from the storage media again (hard drive, etc.) the next time you power it back up (versus trying to reuse the  corrupted memory image or hibernate file again).

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