Zeiss Touit or Fuji X decision

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Re: Zeiss Touit or Fuji X decision

For a long time, I have been a Nikon Brand Loyalists. It was not until a few years ago that I truly became open to other companies and their products, especially when it came to lenses. That said, I still prefer Nikon DSLR ergonomics over other brands. But, as far as lenses, my MF lens are not Nikon branded and I might be getting rid of 2 Nikon primes to get the new Sigma 35mm f/1.4 A lens leaving me with only 2 Nikon lenses ~ my 24-120mm (general use) and my 85/1.4G. I am still debating what to do in this regard.

While I think both Fuji X and Sony Nex have excellent cameras of which I do prefer the ergonomics of, especially the Nex7. If sampled to the same resolution, I agree with reviewers and my own experience. The Nex7's signal to noise ratio is on basically on par with the others, perhaps, once you get to extremely high ISO it waivers a bit. If you convert to black and white or infrared (shooting in Black and White) then the noise becomes less of an issue.

Since we are at a point where both systems have and have had for at least a few years really good sensors, it should come down to 2 things: lenses and ergonomics.

As for as ergonomics go, I prefer the Nex7, but like many I do not care for the available lenses ~ even the 24mm zeiss badged and 50mm lenses. That is why all my mirrorless lenses are rangefinder lenses (except for the kit lens, which I don't use, except for school events where I teach). Looking at the touit lenses and the sample images available, the only one that seems peak my interest is the 12mm f/2.8 lens. I like its rendering. In comparison the other touit lens seems lacking in character and rendition and looks a bit flat to me. When it comes to rendering, I must confess, I tend to like the more micro-contrast of Leica glass. However, even with Leica, there are many lenses that do not appeal to me, even if they are technically more clinically perfect and faster lenses. The only lens I have issue with with the NEx7 ranging from 21mm to 135mm is the 35mm Summicron ASPH. It needs to be stopped down between 1 and 2 stops to reduce and eliminate the magenta fringing (respectively). I was tempted by the new 35mm Summilux-M ASPH II, but for me the Nikon 35mm F/1.4G gives a similar rendition, which I tend to like more.

As far as lenses, if you want native lenses, then go for the Fuji. But, if you use legacy lenses, I would pick based on ergonomics and image rendering qualities you prefer. I prefer the Nex7 rendering, just as I prefer the Nikon D800E rendering to other lower resolution cameras. It is not because of the increased detail, but rather a rendering I prefer. Before that, my favored camera was the D2X which some loved and some hated. I never owned that camera, because I don't like built in-grips. So, I settled on my second favorite camera at the time the Nikon D200 and D70 before that. I owned the D300 but was never satisfied with it for some reason. But, until recently, I always felt there was something missing in the rendering and appeal of digital. With the D800E and Nex7, I am happy. I was however, planning from the start to have the Nex7 converted to IR-Only status and getting a second Nex7 this coming summer. But now, it might have to wait until the fall and by that time, I might select another Visible Light camera. It might be Fuji or it might be Sony. I am not tied into any brand, like I have been in the past. I will buy the camera that suits me best and simply buy a lens adapter. If sony ever gets to producing the G-level standard zoom for the Nex, I might get it as well as the 12mm Touit. As such, I might become more brand loyal.

That said, I do applaud fuji's focus of image quality with high quality native lenses. I like their 60mm Macro lens very much. To me, it is there best lens and the one that has the nicest rendition to my eyes.

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