My best option for a "budget" longer telephoto?

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Re: Meet the 300 f/4 master.....

DavidPonting wrote:

Many of the late Ronnie Gaubert's images were taken with the 300 f/4, including some wonderful macros using extension tubes:

I've never really thought about using extension tubes on this, as it's my only D lens, (though there are a couple of others that tempt me if I did get tubes), but surely you need a LOT of tube for a lens this long?

For that matter, what extension tubes work with what Nikon lenses, and to what extent? I assume that AF is gone, and Aperture control from the fact that only D lenses take tubes; is there any electronic communication at all, do you need to do stop-down metering, etc?

I use Nikon PK-12 and PK-13 tubes with my 300mm f/4 and it works just like an AI lens on my D300. In fact, I have "300mm f/4" entered in my non-CPU list to facilitate this. With cameras such as the D300 (and D7000, D7100 and all FX Nikons), you can operate the camera in aperture priority. The camera will meter correctly at full aperture and the lens stops down when you take a picture. As a primitive person, I rather like setting the aperture on the lens barrel.

I have no idea what happens with (non-Nikon) auto extention tubes or with Nikon DSLR's that don't have AI coupling.

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