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Re: Vacation camera advice

peteshep wrote:

Further to Tim's good discussion on vacation equipment: I'm heading for India monsoon season and note the thoughtful reference to shower caps, and small brollies. I've found I've got a clear plastic bag (not milky polythene) which could be lifted up from just the lens but is clear enough to View EVF, operate controls, etc. through. Holding brolly and camera may be awkward. Other rain ideas?


Yes, indeed, good ideas. Easy to operate a camera through a loose plastic bag.

When we went to Antarctica, the shore excursions were by inflatable "Zodiac" boats - right down on the surface of the salt water, and we also had rain & snow to deal with.

Mt wife & I were both using Panasonic "FZ" cameras, so I took some of the ship's laundry bags, put rubberbands around the lenses & then cut away the bags from in front of the lens itself. The bags draped down behind the cameras but were easily raised enough to get our eyes to the EVFs for viewing.

The shore excursions were limited to an hour (so everyone could go) so the batteries lasted the whole time. To be particularly sure no salt got dragged into the cameras by retracting lenses, we kept the cameras on the whole time, and rather than shut them off & retracting the lenses, I simply removed the batteries when we were done, until the cameras were dry - cleaned off any salt & put 'em back before turning the cameras off.

That would be my suggestion in a wet environment.



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