Mirrorless Takes Another Hammering

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Re: Mirrorless Takes Another Hammering

MichaelKJ wrote:

thorkilry wrote:

It is funny how people se things  diffrently.

The stock holders reaction to the 2013 year end result, was a +500p from 2715 to 3215...

Given that Olympus is, for all practical purposes, a medical equipment business, you comment is irrelevant as far as the issue of the health of mirrorless cameras is concerned.

No, as you say, Imagning business is the driver of the Olympus Brand.

So teoretical Medical business should pay Imagning business for Branding.

Ofcause business is about profit, but Olympus will not drop mirrorless, as long world marked are healty, they have a 100 year anniversary to celebrate in 2019...

The following is from an interview with the CEO in the annual report:


The competitive environment facing
the Imaging Business and the profit
structure seem more adverse than
those facing the other core business
domains. In such circumstances,
what reasons are there for Olympus
to continue the Imaging Business?


As I mentioned previously, the Imaging Business is simultaneously a brand driver and an optical and
imaging technology driver. An important purpose of the Imaging Business is to apply imaging
technologies created in an adverse competitive environment to the medical and life science fields


If we didn’t have the Imaging Business, a seven-year gap would occur in imaging technologies
that might make it difficult to introduce the latest innovations into the medical field.

http://www.olympus-global.com/en/common/pdf/ar2012e.pdf (see page 26)

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