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Re: LX7 external EVF

SwatOx wrote:

I use the ClearViewer, but only on a sunny/bright day: otherwise there is a lot of guess work on composition. The ClearViewer is really a magnifying glass: more like a large plastic magnifying glass.

It is a GLASS magnifier.

It won't give you sharpness or anything fancy,

It ia sharp enough to EASILY see the individual dots on the LCD.

but it is a life saver *for me* on sunny days. And I take it off and put in my pocket when not in use.

Are you sure you are talking about a folding Clearviewer, and not the early - and now superceded version which slips into the hotshoe? If the camera HAS a hotshoe?

It would take time to remove & re-install it - I just flip it closed as I return my camera - in it's plastic bag - to my pocket, and flip it open as I draw it from my pocket to take a picture, in the same motion as turning on the camera.

I probably use it 25% of the time, if that. But it is really useful. Of course, the EVF sold for the LX7 is no doubt a lot better -- but it is bulky...and expensive....

I haven't seen the add-on EVF, but I do have 2 cameras with EVFs, and the Clearviewer is at least as good - maybe better, as the image is much larger.

The "Regular" CV does blur the extreme corners a bit which doesn't bother me - rarely are the extreme corners important in a composition & I can actively 'look' for the corners.

HOWEVER, should the corners bother you, get a Premium (slightly less magnification) CV and the corners are just fine.

Recently I was testing some other cameras & I recall looking out the door and seeing some of our wild turkeys displaying, so I went back in, grabbed the ZS19 (for it's 20x Zoom) - and discovered that the Clearviewer was on the other camera! Gadzooks! I couldn't utilize the zoom at all!

That taught me a lesson: ALWAYS have your clearviewer on your camera (and; it protects the LCD, too)

I use mine 100% of the time. 


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