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Re: No different than...

As you note, it is a matter of preference. If you look below the DPReview announcement, some posters are obviously interested and enthusiastic about the lens.  So there are at least a few customers out there for this lens.

Great Bustard wrote:

Craig from Nevada wrote:

I tend to use the hours I need to work to acquire a piece of equipment as my metric to judge costs.  A used copy of a 14-54mm requires less than a day of work.   Getting to $2k for a 14-35mm is not the same challenge as getting to $12k.

Sure.  But, assuming we're buying new, you have to work about four times as many hours to get the 14-35 / 2 as the 14-54 / 2.8, and you have to work twice the number of hours to get the 200-400 / 4L IS over the 90-250 / 2.8.

Do the marginal costs of the upgrade result in marginal benefits or for the professional, marginal revenues to justify the additional cost?  You have provided a thoughtful opinion on this question.

Just to reiterate what that opinion is:  it depends on the individual's needs and wants.

The market will decide this for sure for this lens and other premium long lenses such as the Sony 500mm.   For me I see the advantages FT.

For a fact, each format has advantages over other formats, depending on the specific needs and wants of the individual.

BTW--getting my head wrapped around $12k is a challenge.   Sticker shock.

It's twice the challenge as $6K for a new 90-250 / 2.8.  However, as I said upthread, congrats on getting a used one for half that -- outstanding!  Indeed, I wonder how many FF photographers would buy a 200-400 / 4L IS for $12K if they could get at 180-500 / 5.6L IS for $6K

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