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My GyazMail Experience

Andy Hewitt wrote:

Also FWIW, I have tried out just about every mail client there is for the Mac, and none of them really seem to be 100% perfect, either have bugs or quirks that need working around, or features that are just cause bloat, or missing features.

I was a long time user of Eudora so when I upgraded to Lion I had to find a new email program. And like Andy, I tried most, if not all of the major players: Postbox, Thunderbird, Mail, etc. I was an early adopter of Odysseus, which was intended to be a replacement for Eudora. Unfortunately, Odysseus (which was renamed MailForge after a year or so of development...) never worked right and I finally gave up on ever seeing a fully-functional and stable version.

I settled on GyazMail because it is stable and doesn't get in the way when I try to do simple things like create a new account. For example, Mail will not allow me to create a POP3 GMail account; its so-called "Wizard" insists on setting up an IMAP account. I finally figured out a workaround: configure the account with the Mac offline. If Mail isn't connected to the Internet it becomes possible to manually configure a GMail POP3 account. There is nothing in the Mail documentation regarding this and I didn't come across it when searching the Web; it was just dumb luck that I stumbled upon it.

Most people use Mail because it is free and is preinstalled on all Macs. But it isn't really "free" if you have to spend $40+ for plugins and significant time messing with the software and trouble-shooting bugs. Apple should be embarrassed that after all these years it still cannot come up with a decent email client.

GyazMail isn't perfect but it is pretty darn good. I have multiple accounts and unlike Mail it only takes a couple of minutes to configure a new account. While Mail routinely "forgets" my account passwords, sometimes requiring me to use Keychain Access to erase everything and start over, GyazMail never forgets my passwords.

If you need to create and/or forward HTML-formatted email then GyazMail isn't for you. (It displays HTML email just fine...) Otherwise, I haven't encountered a missing feature that is a deal-breaker for me. I am a big fan of using rules so email winds up in specified mailboxes instead of the Inbox and GyazMail makes it very easy to create rules. I deal with a large number of messages and GyazMail handles it with aplomb. GyazMail has been one of the best trouble-free programs on my Macs.

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