The need of open source industrial standard.

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Marcin 3M
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The need of open source industrial standard.

Recent events with CC and later comments from OnOne shows, that so far whole business of image processing was in fact dependent from a single company.  True competitors for Photoshop simply does not exist.

Adobe left Lightroom out of cc simply because there are at least one strong player. In fact, there are a few. Leaving LR as perpetual, reasonably priced product may led to enforce LR domination on RAW image processors. And this may led to a unpredictable ideas that may appear on the market. This is only a matter of time - maybe a few years only.

Such situation is not comfortable not only for photographers, but also for whole camera industry and developers of very valuable add-ons for image processing (like OnOne, NeatImage, Anthropics and many others). All of them were working in a kind of space - being in fact a PS. And access to this space has been limited now for their actual and potential customers. Now all are looking for PS alternatives.

The problem is, how to keep the vendor of alternative solution (PS-like software) from following Adobe steps? The answer may be - none and everyone should have this solution for his own. Not a licence, not a agreement, but 100% owning, both in executable form, as well as in source code. I don't know, if it should be a branch of existing software (GIMP), or totally new project, but it should be free, open source and portable between various systems. Licence should allow to sell it as a commercial code (with some tweaks), but it also should be available for free. It should be supported by the whole industry, and maybe optionally donated by the users.

I know, it looks like fantasy, but what do You think about it?

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