Zeiss Touit or Fuji X decision

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Re: Zeiss Touit or Fuji X decision

I have both XE1 and Nex 6. I also have Fuji 18-55 with ois, 35mm F1.4 and 14mm F2.8. I hae Contax g 90, 45 and 28 lenses and the Sony 16-50 lens.

I can see it would be a difficult decision. There are things I like about both systems.

It does not surprise me that a user found the IQ of Zeiss versus Fuji lenses hard to pick apart. The Fuji's are superb. The 35mm F1.4 is one of the best lenses around period. The zoom is great. So for lenses the Fuji is the clear winner there. I am sure that Zeiss 24mm F1.8 is a gorgeous lens but Fuji now has several lenses with more on the way. The future 23mm F1.2 should in particular prove to be a winner.

I can outline pluses and minuses of Fuji X and Nex 6 quickly:

Nex 6:

1. Easier manual focusing with focus peaking.

2. Tilt screen is a good thing.

3. Superior video, not just a bit better but way better. Same with stereo sound.

4. Smaller.

5. Backed up a bit better by 3rd party manufacturers - for example lens turbo is only for Nex for now X will be later.

6. Excellent image quality.

7. Apps - for me the time lapse app was a major reason I bought the Nex 6.

8. PDAF focusing although I think it only works with some lenses and even then not all the time.

Fuji XE1:

1. Fuji jpeg image engine is the best of anyones - period. OOC jpegs are gorgeous. Fuji colour is terrific. Fuji's white balance control is again the best of any camera I have used. If you want wonderful colour X cameras are it.

2. Slightly better IQ than Nex but depends on lens as you would expect but Fuji will be a bit better usually - its not massive though.

3. Better looking retro style, higher quality knobs and buttons.

4. Awesome Fuji lenses - wow, these are really nice lenses and relatively affordable. To be clear, I have not used many Sony lenses and none of the better Sony lenses.

5. Sweep panorama function works better on Fuji than Nex. Both work, Fuji's works more easily and less likely to give a fail.

6. Great menus and easy to find controls.

7. Can use an external intervalometer, Nex 6 cannot.

8. Extremely good low light high ISO low noise performance. Almost as good as Nikon D800E. Not quite but better than Nex 6 which is quite good also.

Overall XE1 would probably be the camera I would reach for if I wanted the absolute best image I could take of something between these 2. Nex 6 would be the one I would prefer for using my Contax g Zeiss lenses to make manual focus easier to achieve. It can be clumsy on XE1 and takes longer and with less certainty t get manual focus. This no doubt will be a plus with an XE2 as Fuji X100s has focus peaking and split manual focusing which seems to review well.

Nex menus take a while to get used to. Fuji's is quite intuitive and does not take any time to get used to. Mode control is more difficult with Fuji X though. Nex 6 weak spot is the menus. Sony needs to hire new people to work the menu system. It really is horrid and time wasting and a bad experience.

Overall?? Hmm, Fuji because of the image quality, the colour and the lenses and the overall experience - more immersive. Like a photographers camera versus a serious hobyists (not trying to be condescending here  - trying to create a concept that defines the essential difference).

But if I mainly wanted to shoot manual lenses or use video a lot it'd be the Nex. Or do time lapses.

They both are great, really. Its easy to find reasons to get one over the other so your predominant uses would ultimately determine which is better for you.


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