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It doesn't take reading tea leaves

alatchin wrote:

This is just semantics, what I call a delay, you can call death.

A "delay" is when it takes a while to release a new model. "death" is when they stop production of all the old models and don't introduce anything new to replace them. Every camera manufacturer continues production of the old model until the new version is released, Olympus included.

You honestly don't see the fact they ceased production of all consumer/prosumer camera bodies and only had stock (possible production but maybe not) of the top of the line model as a sign Olympus doesn't plan to continue down this path?

Like I said before, I don't doubt they plan to release a PDAF compatible cameras, mainly to get decent CAF performance. As a side benefit, these will also work with the older lenses via an adapter (how well we don't know) but I don't think the drive behind this camera will be to make something to work great with SHG glass or to sell 4/3 optics. If they had wanted to do this they would have released a E700 etc with the OMD sensor to replace the E600 line. They didn't, they just stopped production.

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