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Re: No money to spend

I'm a 54-year old hobbyist photographer who's been an avid user of bridge cameras for quite a while. Several bridges later, I decided it was time to get my toes wet with a "real" camera and started shopping around. I bought a "open-box" but obviously discontinued E-600 off eBay last year with 2 lenses for $550, shipping included (I checked when I got it - the camera had all of 82 shutter actuations). Subsequently, I purchased a used 70-300 in pristine condition for a whole whopping $185, a Sigma 18-55 for $150, and just recently a Sigma 105mm macro (the first generation) for $375 off eBay.  I bought a Vivitar DF383 external flash for $70 used. For under $1500 I got not only a fairly decent starter DSLR, but a good number of decent lenses as well.  No, the E-600 isn't the best thing Olympus ever made, and I suspect that if I upgraded right this minute to an E-3 or E-5 I'd be wondering what took me so long - but I'm happy with the camera for now. It's really bad at shadow noise and one seriously needs that external flash for indoor shoots with this little model, but the flash works wonderfully and Lightroom has really decent noise reduction (grin).  I'm actually holding out for the upcoming E-7 (it's supposedly only a few months away from release, after all). I'll actually be able to AFFORD the E-7 because I didn't go bonkers on buying the glass. I couldn't if I'd have wanted to, the budget is just not there for it.

Do I regret having bought into the Olympus 4/3 camp? I'll be honest - sometimes I do, especially when I see how far down prices on starter model Canons and Nikons have gone. But I've got too much of an investment in Oly glass to back away now and start over, and I don't make enough money to re-buy equivalent lenses for another platform. And frankly, the images from this camera blow any of the bridge cameras I had out of the water as-is, even as old of a model as it is. I still own a Fuji HS20 16 mp bridge cam that I use as my "every day walkabout snapshot" model, and it takes a decent image in its own right - but this little 12 mp Oly's image resolution is superb next to it. I love seeing what comes out of it.  The Oly and Sigma lenses are wonderful. Even the two "kit" lenses that came with it are real glass and sharp as can be. So I'm staying with the 4/3 camp.  I'm hoping for better NR in the upcoming model and the possibility of shooting above ISO 800 routinely


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