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With AdoramaPix

bflood wrote:

I have done 3 books with Blurb is partnered with MPIX and does their books.

I have done "coffee table books" - 11x13" size.  All 3 have the dust-jacket type cover (personal preference) and are relatively large - the latest is about 80 pages and is the smallest I've done.

I have been quite satisfied with the quality of the paper and the color in the books.  In one case, the books (I ordered 4 copies) were produced with the wrong type of cover. When contacted, blurb reprinted and shipped the corrected books without cost to me and it was handled with quite reasonable speed and no drama at all.  In all my dealings with them, I have been pleased with the results and can recommend them.

Having said that, the only thing I find missing in blurb's offerings is a lay-flat binding option.  I have a new book I'm developing and it may have an image that will display best as a single image printed across 2 facing pages. Given my familiarity with blurb's book design software, it's disappointing they don't offer this.

I spent some time looking at other printers: Adoramapix, Meridian, Walgreens, Shutterfly, and National Photo Lab. Pricing the largest book for an 80 page printing, their prices are remarkably similar except Adoramapix, which cost about double all the others. There may be something about Adorama's printing that may make it worth the extra money; I just didn't want to spend that much.  Meridian and National offer the lay-flat binding, but their largest books are 11x8.5 and 12x8, respectively, a bit smaller than I'd like.  Decisions, decisions.

I did a little searching for reviews for each printer, and found an assortment of good and bad reviews of each - nothing conclusive IMHO.

they currently have 30% off on their home page.

Sometime they have specials, 8X8 for $10.

Plus their books lay flat.

I have used MPIX and White House Custom Color along with AdoramaPix and Adorama wins.

Bob P.

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