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Re: Begging the Question

Stacey_K wrote:

SirSeth wrote:

Also they seem to believe that a camera is not good anymore after a new camera comes along that feels newer.Of course they seem to believe that their individual desires represent what everyone wants...

And you seem to believe you know what other posters are thinking

Of course a camera is "still good" when a newer model comes out. The older one just has the same limitations it had when it was new.

Newer technology usually resolves a problem or limitation that some people find important. An example would be for instance faster AF or better CAF. For some people, that may never have felt like a limitation on their present camera so there is no reason to replace it. It's why I never felt the need to upgrade my E410 to a faster focusing olympus model. I've only posted the limitations I experienced with my older tech Olympus gear (sensor noise) and how the camera models with the newest tech sensors resolved this problem for me. I could care less what brand name is on the stuff I use

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I missed your comment. It was a very busy week.

You make a good point here about limitations. The line saying "the older one just has the same limitations it had when it was new" is particularly well phrased imo.

As far as making assumptions about what individuals think, I do try to avoid that. At the same time, I think it's healthy and interesting to think about psychology of people in general and how human emotions often track. There is infatuation that goes along with physical objects; it wears off over time. I know because I experienced that quite strongly when the A77, OM-D, and D7100 were announced.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



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What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?

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