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I would like to see these statistics that describe how cameras with better IQ sell better. I mean if this were true, given that 43rds is no longer a part of Olympus stats in any meaningful way, why does Olympus still find itself in financial trouble.

Ask the last CEO. And why do you suppose Olympus gave up on 4/3 if it was such a hot seller for them?

Im not asking the CEO, you made a a claim I want to hear how you arrived at your conclusion, b/se on what I know your claim isnt true.

The corporate corruption was a big part, hence asking the CEO or else read up on what happened yourself.


yeah all very interesting, but I want to bring you back to your statement ....  "Why do you think reviews rave about the OMD and the sales of them went thru the roof? It's not really any smaller than the E410 so it's not the compact size. It's the improved IQ."

Im sure if you can prove it this time you will

That + poor 4/3 sales after a pile of money was put into R&D. The CEO was quoted as saying they need to cleans house and shed unprofitable businesses. Guess what? They quit producing new 4/3 bodies. They didn't stop making 4/3 gear because it was a profit center.

The other thing that hurt was improved cell phones so the lower end P&S market fell apart.

You can "know" whatever you'd like

Im always willing to 'know' a little more
thats why I have faith that 'this time', if you can prove your 'theory' about improved IQ and its relevance to sales, you will.

People shifted away or didn't buy into 4/3 mainly IMHO because they kept using dated sensor designs. At any point in time, the 4/3 models lagged behind in noise levels. Or maybe you have another idea of why Nikon and Canon models sold in such higher numbers if it wasn't IQ. It's the reason I switched to Nikon.

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