why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: why not f/1.2 by Sony?

Great Bustard wrote:

They are related in that, for equally efficient sensors, the same total amount of light falling on the sensor results in the same image noise.

The reason larger sensor systems are less noisy than smaller sensor systems is because more light falls on the sensor for a given exposure.

Negative - it's pixel density; or enlargement factor , if the sensors only differ in size but havethe same resolution.
In real life, it is more complex, but not by much .

There is no such thing as measuring any 'total' amount of light, based on the area it covers .
The "amount of light" - which isn't exactly proper terminology - is the exposure any object of a predetermined brightness creates on any given part of a sensor, no matter its size .
It's physically impossible to collect more light from a lit object or scene (aka light source) by increasing the area it is projected on .

TiagoReil wrote:

Also, a lens is considered fast cause you can get a very fast shutter speed with it, not because the DoF is shallow. Those people that say that a fast lens is not fast on an aps-c camera have it wrong. It is still a fast lens (ignoring the sensor problem) it has less shallow depth of field than the same lens on a FF camera, but it is as fast in terms of light.

Amen .

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