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Please, understand first what the Canon lens does and who is it aimed at...

Craig from Nevada wrote:

Introducing the EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Extender 1.4x – improved performance and versatility for professional sports and wildlife photographers.

This lens was announce this week and will sell for $11,800.

Is this thing twice as good as the 90-250mm, which retails new for about one-half this price?

Used copies  of the 90-250mm can be had for a lot less.

I see the price of the Canon and ask myself, for that price will it dust, vacuum and do windows for that price and move on.

You have to ask yourself what Canon is really providing here and what the market for that lens is for.  This lens is for professional sports and professional wildlife photographers.

Do you find yourself shooting for sports, professionally? Requiring utmost fast and accurate auto focus?  Read this article:


"As working pros, what are your top requirements for a camera?

JL: I can't have any lag in shutter response or AF performance. I need the shooting rate to be as fast as possible. I need 1080p video. I need a solidly built body that won't break if I knock it on something. And of course the body has to be part of a very extensive system of lenses and accessories. Nikon and Canon are unrivaled there.

DR: Like John, my first priority is the responsiveness of the shutter. When you press the button, it's gotta go! There was a little delay on the 1D Mark III but on the 1D X when you press the button it fires. That is a big deal in sports."

Now ask yourself- would an E-5 with the 90-250mm full fill these requirements?  The answer is NO.

Sure, you *can* get a good sports shot, but that's not the point. You can get that with any camera. The thing that a professional needs is consistent top performance, reliability.  This kind of consistent performance is out of reach for the 4/3rds line.

Thus Canon prices that lens and the pros *will* pay for it, because it's aimed at a market that it solves a problem for them- or gives them a solid option. And you bet that thing focuses fast.

To you obviously this lens of no value. Neither is it to me. That doesn't make it a "no value." For the market this lens is aimed at, this lens is more than twice as good as the Olympus solution.

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