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The truth of the matter is this......

sean lancaster wrote:

GHwell wrote:

I said I do not like to spend time in PP when I can get it right in the camera.   I do restoration and retouch for my company and others.  It is not like I do not know how, I just do not want to do it when I do not have to on my work.

Again, I don't think you even read my post before responding. My solution had nothing to do with post processing other than noting that you don't want to waste time on it. Your responses to me are only about post processing. Sigh. I'll repeat my solution . . . buy a cheap, 3rd party zoom lens for your Canon 6D (e.g., a Tamron super zoom) and you won't get as sharp of images. No post processing required and you can probably find one for $150. Carry one camera and add the zoom lens to your bag. When you show a customer a test shot with a good lens and they complain then pull out the Tamron and go to town.

I suggest he slap a softening filter on his lenses so no one ever claims his shot are too sharp.  That said, I dont think there is a customer making this claim at all.  The sharpness and resolution would look very similar out of camera at prints 12x18 and smaller.  Hopefully he is not trying to convince us he was producing prints 16x24 and larger with doing no post processing.

Actually, after reading some of his posts, it is now obvious there never was a client making this claim at all.  According to him, he doesnt print larger than 8x10.  Withthat in mind, there is no difference between the 6D and 5D in resolving power.  This whole discussion has been a waste of time.


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