Any interest in a line of Prime Landscape lenses?

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brightcolours wrote:

Canyongazer wrote:

As we know, most lenses hit peak performance when stopped down two or three stops from max aperture.  Coupled with the desire of, admittedly most, for big holes when wide open, this leads to largish, heavy lenses with best performance typically at about f 4. It also means great Depth of Field is gained at the expense of inferior lens performance.

Hmm, Which lenses have best performance at f4? Lenses usually do not have best  performance wide open. When you close down, many lens elements only use a central part, improving sharpness. But it is DIFFRACTION which lowers resolution when you close down more and more. Diffraction caused by the small hole the light has to pass through, and the distance of that aperture which influences how big the diffraction impact will be.

I disagree here. Sure, most lenses are optimized to work best at 2 - 3 stops below their maximum aperture, yet designing a f/4 lens offers you the possibility to tame several problems in an easier way, besides do exist lenses optimized to work at their best wide open (even if it's not the purpose of this one) - Zeiss and Leica docet with the 50 f/1.5 sonnar or the new 50 apo Leica. It's a matter of costs, rather. Surely a lens optimized for working at its best wide open costs much more than one where peak performance is reached two or three stops below.

Since most landscape photographers often prefer to be in f 8 to f16 territory and favor smaller, lighter gear, would they --- would you --- be attracted to a Landscape Series of primes with maximum apertures of f 4?

Only for the weight loss.

Even if not exactly f/16, I do would for the above reasons. I prefer a slower and better lens than a superfast one full of issues costing two to three times the former. While Zeiss can do its superb 15 f/2.8 (as well the 21 is well regarded, technically speaking) the 18 f/3.5 is strangely the weakest of the three. I'd go for a f/4 or f/4.5 if it would mean having a nearly perfect lens as the Biogon 21 ZM f/4.5 is. Such wide angles can deal with much slower shutter times without risking blur (while optimum iq is achieved on a tripod and release cable, surely times as 1/30s or 1/15s with a wide are much easily dealt than with a 50 or 100 mm)

These lenses could be small, light, high performers peaking at, perhaps, f 11 for the shorter, f 16 for the longer ones.

Impossible. The only reason your above example lens loses resolution above f4 (wonder which camera has such high res. that f4 will show max. resolution...) is due to diffraction. You can't have lenses that show no diffraction softening at f11 or f16.

They should be relatively easy to design and build, selling for significantly less than their f 1.4 / f 2 counterparts.

20, 30, 50, 90mm?

Zeiss ZF2 18/4 (redesign) would be enough, at least for me. Also a 21 f/4.5 (despite different from its biogon counterpart) would be a very welcome and less expensive option.

Perhaps it would represent too small a potential market for Nikon or even Sigma. Perhaps not.

Voigtlander? Zeiss?  They don't even have to be autofocus.

What do you think?

I think you just do not have enough knowledge about lenses, and are oblivious to what diffraction is and does. Which is not bad, there are many things I do not know either. But yeah. read up on what diffraction is, and how it lowers resolution.

Well, I do agree with you here, although I think we often worry too much about it. Both my ZF2 lenses work greatly even stopped down.. if there's diffraction, well, it's so low I don't notice it in practice.

My son, ZF2 2/35 - f/16.. what's REALLY wrong with it ?

ZF2 2/25 - f/22 close focusing, my son again.. if there are issues here it's not lack of sharpness as-is

ZF2 2/25, f/22 - playful group in Loreto, Italy. Wanna examine 100% pixels? Sure you will always find something wrong. Is it relevant? To my eye, not at all.

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