If you owned a 7D and then a 5D Mark III...

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Re: If you owned a 7D and then a 5D Mark III...

I have had a dual-format kit for some years, and my 1.6-factor body has been a 7D since not long after it was introduced. Recently I upgraded the FF body from 5D Mark II to 5D Mark III. When I had the 5DII I sometimes used the 7D for general purposes because, sensor apart, I found it to be a better camera than the 5DII. However, the 5DIII is better in all respects than the 7D except for a slower frame rate, so I think my 7D will be used only for extra reach. Allowing for the different pixel count, the extra reach is, near enough, 1.4×, the same as I can get by attaching an Extender 1.4× and taking advantage of the f/8 AF capability of the 5DIII when using my 100~400. It will be interesting to compare these two routes to 560mm or equivalent. I suspect that avoiding the need to use the Extender may still win out. If it does not, my 7D may become no more than a backup.

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