Filter for SEL1650 on Nex 6

Started May 17, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Filter for SEL1650 on Nex 6

2eyesee wrote:

jaimac wrote:

I was looking for protection for the lens. Should I get a hood so I dont' have to deal with flares? The SEL1650 doesn't come with hood unfortunately.

You'll need a 40.5mm screw-in hood that screws into the filter thread, as the 16-50mm wasn't designed to a hood.

With such a non-standard thread size I wouldn't have thought these would be easy to source, but there seem to be plenty on eBay.

40.5 is a very common size. That is why so many are available. But it will prbably vignette at 16mm and slightly longer lengths since it can only be effective at the longer lengths.

Try the same shot with a really good filter.

And those dots are not from the car headlights, they are from the traffic lights.

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