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My ideal scenario for the hybrid ...

klauser wrote:

RoelHendrickx wrote:

I would really have preferred not to have to make that choice, with a single and unified path forward : get the HYBRID (let's call it E-M6) that would offer me a choice for any occasion between using two µFT bodies (E-M6 and E-M5) or two bodies that work perfectly with FT lenses (E-M6 and E-5).

You  know, Roel,  I'm not convinced that this would be such a good idea: given  that we want best possible iq and good ergonomics I just don't see how mft's strengths (small body plus small primes) can go together really well with ft's strengths (excellent but much larger zooms which however require a bigger body to balance well). I believe that in a niche market one has to be uncompromising: mft plus primes has a USP (size in relation to iq) and ft has a different one (superb zooms with a unique balance of size,  reach and iq). In order to fully make use of ft's USP one needs the bigger body which in turn does not do justice to mft's USP. I would definitely prefer a big body that balances well with FT zooms and which may also take mft lenses rather than the other way around.

Olympus is really on the right track with the two-part grip for the E-M5.

I can use that camera :

* as REALLY small (no grip, add 20mm or 45mm),

* as small but not too small (add first part of grip and use with 12-50 or 17.5 Voigt or ZD8mm or ZD70-300 adapted)

* or as (just) big enough to handle even the bigger FT lenses ergonomically (add two parts of grip : I've used that with ZD12-60 but also ZD35-100 and ZD150; I admit : not with the even bigger lenses (that I don't own) and I would also not advise to carry that combo by grabbing the camera only, like I do with confidence with the E-5).

In my ideal scenario, the HYBRID will be slightly bigger than E-M5 (also with that slightly bigger EVF), but still small enough when naked to be a perfect fit for the smalles µFT lenses.  And it will have the same two-part grip configuration (all of it very sturdy) to be a good ergonomical fit for any µFT or FT lens.

In fact, I have said from day one, that an excellently designed detachable grip would be a key element in the merging of systems.

Here is a thread I started in december 2011, quite a while before the arrival of the E-M5 :

This was BEFORE anyone learned about the E-M5 and its very clever approach to the grip issue with that two-part grip (I still consider that a stroke of Olympus-genius and it is certainly one of the points that sold me on getting an E-M5...)

The E-M5 fulfilled my desires to a large extent (large enough to buy it), but we are still waiting hopefully for the true hybrid and I was just hoping it was already closer around the corner.

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