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Craig from Nevada wrote:

I am not sure the appearance of an E-7 (if it does appear) changes the strategic direction of Olympus.  They are marching forward to merging the two systems.  Whether they are having some problems getting there in terms of technology and customer acceptance is a fair question. The E-7 maybe  an interlude in this march remains to be seen, but the next step is a mirrorless camera for FT.

I agree.

And I don't mind the idea of a really capable E-7.

Nor do I mind the idea of the eventual merger.  I've accepted and embraced that .

My only "sulk" is about the fact that Olympus apparently feels the need for another FT "interlude", which just means that for more time than I had hoped, my upgrade path is dual and not single.

That's all.

The ideas of modularity that we saw with EM5 with the grips and the continued optional viewfinder Pen line are the features.  We will be able to mix and match parts to create a camera the walk around town one day and the same camera can be reconfigured to go birding the next with grips and and lenses.

Absolutely.  It is what I hope for too, and I believe it will come.

Only : the advent of an E-7 makes clear that such a bright future is not as near as I would have hoped it to be.

In other words : I never mind the announcement of a great new camera by Olympus.  I surely applaud any sign of loyalty towards FT customers.  But I had just hoped that such a great new camera would be the HYBRID and not two separate flagships for still separate (compatible, but not really unified) systems.

All of this will be expensive.  The old-fashioned camera is going high end.

RoelHendrickx wrote:

daddyo wrote:

4/3 Rumors claims 3 new Olympus models within the next three of four months -- including the new E-5 replacement. They have rated the rumor at FT-5 -- their highest level of confidence.

Let the rejoicing begin:-) -- Unless of course you're a 'glass half empty' person!

Most here will know me as generally a positive person.

Well, let me be unlike myself for once and say that I am not overly thrilled by the concept of a possible E-7 on the way.

That is because I would be more thrilled by definite news of the long-awaited camera body that will be one body "to unite and rule them all" : the "hybrid" that will unite FT and µFT for those with FT lenses and a desire to use them on µFT bodies (but use also µFT lenses on that camera).

Last year I took my first step towards µFT with the purchase of an E-M5.  I love that little camera and the lenses I have accumulated since then : the versatile 12-50 is just versatile, but I am having much fun with the Pany 20mm, the Oly 45mm and the Voigtländer 17.5mm.

I still enjoy my E-5 and would like a path forward for the excellent lenses I use on that camera, but I would have really liked it to be a mutual path with µFT (even without mirror but with a great EVF and good AF).

The news/confirmed rumor of an E-7 tells me that the merger of the system is not yet planned for the near future.  It tells me that I will maintain essentially dual systems for another while : compatible but not unified.  It tells me that my upgrade path (roughly one body every two years, with the two older ones still being used frequently : currently E-M5 and E-5 and E-3) will force me to prioritize which next body to invest in.  And the choice will probably be : something to replace the old E-3 and make FT again my prime system with µFT as "fun" and "back-up" system.  And not get the E-M5 replacement but skip a generation there.

I would really have preferred not to have to make that choice, with a single and unified path forward : get the HYBRID (let's call it E-M6) that would offer me a choice for any occasion between using two µFT bodies (E-M6 and E-M5) or two bodies that work perfectly with FT lenses (E-M6 and E-5).

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