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There is no "problem." No hardware upgrade path is needed if the E-3 . You don't seem to understand that. No sure why.

Of course if someone feels the results an E system camera is capable of is all they (or their clients) will ever need, they would never need to upgrade.  That would be true of a cheap P&S as well. For that matter an iPhone is all many people need as far as a photographic tool. It doesn't mean any of those are the best IQ options available.

Where did he call them the "best IQ options available"? And are you really suggesting the E-3 with a 12-60 is on par with a P&S or an Iphone?

"Excellent image quality ... indisputable; in fact, among the very best" is what he said.

And no, what I am saying is for many people a camera that "satisfies one's requirements as a photographic tool" could easily be their cell phone.

Well how does that then compare with your comment about the "best photographic tool" which in your case would be anything you have with you.

For some people and their types of photography, this has already happened. Why do you think reviews rave about the OMD and the sales of them went thru the roof?

Actually it was probably more the style that probably sold the bulk of the bodies over competing products from other manufacturers. Hence the next PEN has been even more "styled"

But do you not agree the people who bought them to use with their 4/3 glass, even with the crippled AF performance, did so for the IQ and the newer sensor? I don't believe they bought them because they wanted to be stylish. And I think a lot of why mirrorless is popular is they handle a lot like the digital P&S models consumers are used to.

Many of them could have bought them just for the size difference. The ability to mount and USE the 43rds glass in many applications is a bonus.

In the meantime, "old" beauties like the E-3 and/or E-5, Canon 1Ds II, Nikon D200 and D2x, Epson RD-1s, etc. will continue to come down in price and bring much satisfaction to those who learn how to use them.

So we are back to the -If you can't make great images in any situation with an E system camera, you need to simply learn more about photography- argument? The suggestion you make above could also be made about buying OM film gear.

He also didnt make that argument. I think you are getting a little defensive. There is nothing wrong with enjoying older bodies and what they can do, rather like one might enjoy shooting film.

Well that "argument" has been stated multiple times in this thread. And I agree there is nothing wrong with enjoying older cameras, I just realize they do have limitations (and sometimes strengths) over my newer tech stuff. For examplke, I still use my E1 when I know the weather is likely to be bad. And the below is one of my favorite cameras I still use from time to time so I do understand older gear can be fun to use!

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Cool camera, I have never used a camera like that!


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