If you owned a 7D and then a 5D Mark III...

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Re: If you owned a 7D and then a 5D Mark III...

I can pretty much concur with all that has bee said above.

The 5DIII is really a joy to use and the AF is really that good. A few other things I like about the 5DIII is the high ISO/low light performance, the silent shutter, locking mode dial, and just beautiful noise free shots.

That said, I still enjoy the 7D for birding, and appreciate that it give me more "pixels on bird" to work with. True enough, I have to clean up the noise (using mostly Neat Image) often,  but I do get some very nice shots with the 7D.

For me, the two cameras compliment each other perfectly well. I'm glad I have both and I still put about 80% of my shots for birding through the 7D. For everything else, it is pretty 5DII all the way. But lately, I've found that for the most part I prefer bird photography.

I'm anxiously looking forward to see how the 7D successor pans out. I'm hoping for thing things the 5DIII has, especially the AF and silent shutter, and unlike some, I do hope it has a higher MP sensor (pixels on bird).

So while I enjoy the 5DIII very much, I would also be an upgrade candidate for the 7D. I like having them both and can't imagine a single camera ever being able to do what the the two of them can do separately.

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