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I will be unlike myself for a change, and sulk a bit

daddyo wrote:

4/3 Rumors claims 3 new Olympus models within the next three of four months -- including the new E-5 replacement. They have rated the rumor at FT-5 -- their highest level of confidence.

Let the rejoicing begin:-) -- Unless of course you're a 'glass half empty' person!

Most here will know me as generally a positive person.

Well, let me be unlike myself for once and say that I am not overly thrilled by the concept of a possible E-7 on the way.

That is because I would be more thrilled by definite news of the long-awaited camera body that will be one body "to unite and rule them all" : the "hybrid" that will unite FT and µFT for those with FT lenses and a desire to use them on µFT bodies (but use also µFT lenses on that camera).

Last year I took my first step towards µFT with the purchase of an E-M5.  I love that little camera and the lenses I have accumulated since then : the versatile 12-50 is just versatile, but I am having much fun with the Pany 20mm, the Oly 45mm and the Voigtländer 17.5mm.

I still enjoy my E-5 and would like a path forward for the excellent lenses I use on that camera, but I would have really liked it to be a mutual path with µFT (even without mirror but with a great EVF and good AF).

The news/confirmed rumor of an E-7 tells me that the merger of the system is not yet planned for the near future.  It tells me that I will maintain essentially dual systems for another while : compatible but not unified.  It tells me that my upgrade path (roughly one body every two years, with the two older ones still being used frequently : currently E-M5 and E-5 and E-3) will force me to prioritize which next body to invest in.  And the choice will probably be : something to replace the old E-3 and make FT again my prime system with µFT as "fun" and "back-up" system.  And not get the E-M5 replacement but skip a generation there.

I would really have preferred not to have to make that choice, with a single and unified path forward : get the HYBRID (let's call it E-M6) that would offer me a choice for any occasion between using two µFT bodies (E-M6 and E-M5) or two bodies that work perfectly with FT lenses (E-M6 and E-5).

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