Hand holding the DP Merrills

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Re: OVF not cheap ;-)

Today I tried a pair of $6 reading glasses. I've seen them in x2 and x3. You can get quite close to the screen with the high mag. It's OK but a bit fiddly.

I've found that my hand-held shots at 1/100 to 1/250 are often not as razor sharp as those at 1/400 and above (though today a got one at 1/50!). The DP1-3M are OK for very bright light, but where the light is not so strong, and you want the performance they are capable of,  you have to treat them like the very serious cameras that they are, and use a tripod or at least a monopod. They might be small, but to get the best out of them much of the time, you need the extra stuff. Blazing away and hoping to jag a sharp shot out of half a dozen attempts does not really suit a camera with such a small battery and such big raw files on a dull day.

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