What should be done with cheats ? Part 5 :-(

Started Mar 15, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Another double account disclosed

You know, there are so many ways that people have found in order to cheat that it is futile to think about unique changes in the system for each. The only way to battle this is to implement a system change that would make (almost) all cheating ineffective: all voters vote on all entries in a challenge.

This system collects an absolute maximum of votes and negates all effort of tactical vote spread. At a first glance, it requires a bit more work on the part of voters, but in the final picture it proves to be useful in many ways.

All entries get to be evaluated, and not just several.

Entrants get their work evaluation by human decision, and not by machine approximation.

In order to vote tactically (as opposed to honestly), cheaters would have to have impossibly many false accounts, and exert a lot of work for negligible effect. Reason enough to abandon cheating.

What this system can't check, is the false metadata, but there are other ways to fight this. It also can't fight the existence of mutiple user accounts opened just in order to cheat. Clearly there are ways to seek out and remove such accounts, but all this was many times discussed before.

I hope this logic prevails if and when the challenge changes arrive at the top of DPR to-do list.

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